The ultimate in awesome: Plants vs. Zombies plushies

A couple of us make fart noises in our free time. It’s not because we’re good it (quite the contrary according to some fart analysts). It’s just that we lack the skills to fold intricate origami, paint and shape coasters, knit sweaters … or create Plants vs. Zombies plush toys. The latter is something particularly special, as you can see.

These glowing beauties (spotted by Kotaku) are the creation of Alix at Arixystix Creations. And before you ask, she’s not selling. Instead, she plans to add one more to this collection: a better Pea-Shooter that will “mimic the game better.” Good luck with that, we say, and do keep in mind the disturbing lack of Yeti Zombie.

‘Plants vs. Zombies’ Plushies Don’t Want Zombies On Their Lawn [MTV Multiplayer]

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