The Tudors being made into a casual ‘family-friendly’ game

Oh, this is rich. Even if you have never seen a single episode, surely you’ve heard of The Tudors, the historical Showtime series about Henry VIII? The one with all the lush, sexually suggestive ads like the one above? Casual game company Merscom has announced they will be teaming up with Showtime to make a casual game out of The Tudors, which they describe as a “family friendly casual adventure game”. I guess all those illicit sex scenes are going to be cut out, right?

Giggles aside, the game is a casual adventure which will have the player solving a mystery that plays into the current show storyline. No word on when this PC title will come out or how much it will cost, but there you go, it’s coming. No offense meant to Merscom, but I imagine this game could have been more fun if you had to plot out and perform secret erotic encounters along with the regular gameplay. You know, kind of like Dangeous Liaisons: The Game!

Merscom and SHOWTIME Team Up for Casual Game Based on The Tudors

Family Friendly Game Based on Hit TV Series THE TUDORS

CHAPEL HILL, NC ~ May 5, 2009 ~ Merscom announced today it has teamed up with Showtime Networks, Inc. to create a casual game based on the award winning drama series THE TUDORS

THE TUDORS television show presents the rarely dramatized, tumultuous early years of King Henry VIII’s nearly 40 year, omnipotent reign (1509-1547). In addition to his famous female consorts, 20+ years of marriage to Catherine of Aragon and infamous dalliance with Anne Boleyn, the series delves into Henry’s most notable political relationship and the deconstruction of the Roman Catholic Church in England.
In this casual adventure/hidden object game, players will enter the world of THE TUDORS and solve a mystery that that runs parallel to the show.

 ~THE TUDORS is a property that will really appeal to our market,~ stated Lloyd Melnick, Chief Customer Officer at Merscom, ~Not only does the story arc appeal to the casual gamer, but the rich and beautiful graphical environment lends itself to an adventure game.~

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