The true origin of Sonic the Hedgehogs blueness. Update

While working on the most epic YTMND ever this past Thursday, I came across this YTMND that had the comic seen above. Who would have ever guessed that Sonic is blue because of the cobalt effect! You know, the cobalt effect! It’s when shock waves hit you when you smash into the sound barrier, duh!

Apparently, this comic also explains the origins of Dr. Robotnik. Which happens by the doctor holding an egg and getting hit by lightning …

What do you think? Do you like being given some kind of official back story to your favorite characters no matter how stupid the truthiness is? Or do you just not give a damn?

Also, Rrrriiccccooo Sssuaavvee.

(Update: Forgot to thank Heywood for showing me the comic. Also, thanks to Zero_Tolo and Heywood for showing us the the full back story of the comic. Still looking for the rest of the comic pages though!) 

Hamza Aziz