The town is the star of Silent Hill: Downpour

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You know what Silent Hill needs? Some developers who truly “get” the series. If the design director of Silent Hill: Downpour is to be believed, then the next game in the franchise may be getting its balls back. 

“If you look at the whole series, the way that we chose to look at the series — Silent Hill as an entity, a genius loci — is the character,” says Brian Gomez in Game Informer. “Silent Hill the town is the star of the show. In the way that Jigsaw is in Saw, he’s the inciting force and events transpire around him. That’s what Silent Hill is like. So we see Silent Hill as the only consistent character across the whole series.

“It’s really about who you plug into it. You get a different result whenever you plug in a different person with a different psychology, a different load of guilt or remorse that they’re carrying around with them.”

This is terrific news to me. Recent games have moved away from Silent Hill 2‘s wonderful premise and tried to make the town more populated and less controlling. I’m thrilled that Gomez wants to bring back what he calls the “classic style of Silent Hill” and bring us back to what made the game so good. 

I’m crossing my fingers that these guys do it right. It seems they certainly understand the series. 

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