The totally rad AMID EVIL is on sale for Episode 5’s surprise launch


The completely awesome AMID EVIL, a retro-inspired FPS with a gun that shoots planets at enemies, is now on sale for 13% off on Steam. This sale is due to the surprise launch of the game’s fifth episode, which is also tubular. How many ’90s slang words for cool am I going to use? Maybe a few more bodacious ones. They were all pretty gnarly. REAGANOMICS!

The sale will be running until October 1 and it brings the game down to $17.40. That is a steal for a game that will eventually contain seven complete episodes for you to trek through. AMID EVIL also evokes the classic id Software published Heretic in all the best ways, so it is a real trip for old-school FPS fans. Highly recommend!

AMID EVIL [Twitter]

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.