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The Top 4 horror titles on PSVR 2 right now

The PSVR 2 Has a Vast Library

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Before the PSVR 2’s launch, there was some apprehension surrounding whether the headset would have enough content to keep gamers busy, especially because it lacks backward compatibility with the original PSVR. Sony’s new headset proved that all the worrying was worthless, however, as the launch line-up has been nothing short of explosive. Titles like Horizon Call of the Mountain and Kayak VR: Mirage demonstrate the graphical power of the new headset, while games like No Man’s Sky and Gran Turismo 7 bring the AAA gaming experience to the world of Virtual Reality.

Thanks to the increased immersion that the platform brings, horror thrives in virtual reality. Already, there is an assortment of titles available that provide plenty of heart-stopping moments and stomach-churning scares. Some take advantage of the PSVR 2’s unique features, including eye tracking, to provide immersive gameplay that cranks up the horror to almost unbearable levels. With the following four games, gamers can quickly turn the VR realm into a harrowing nightmare.

Resident Evil Village

The Resident Evil franchise won’t be unfamiliar to many, and it certainly isn’t new to the VR scene. With Resident Evil Village, Capcom provides what is perhaps the most blood-chilling experience in the franchise’s history. Though the main game’s story remains identical, the gameplay changes and shift in perspective are so transformative that it makes Ethan’s story worth playing again. The changes are felt in the gunplay which is much more immersive when players have to physically reload and cock their weapons. The changes are also felt in some of the environmental puzzles which have a more physical element in VR.

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It should be noted that Resident Evil Village‘s VR mode is played in a separate save file from the pancake mode, and there are some occasional wonky moments where Ethan’s hand will pass through a solid object or just fail to appear, though none of this is enough to detract from the fun. As far as horror games on the PSVR 2 go, there is a good argument to be made that Village is currently one of the scariest. Exploring Lady Dimitrescu’s mansion has never been this terrifying.

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR

Supermassive Games is a studio that has impressive highs, as seen with Until Dawn, and some very disappointing lows, as seen with The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes. The latest release from the studio is Switchback VR which serves as a spin-off of The Dark Pictures Anthology and a spiritual sequel to Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. Switchback VR takes players on a terror-filled rollercoaster ride through various environments where monsters lurk. The rush of the rollercoaster combined with the shooting makes the game an adrenaline-raising one that is sure to earn a few screams.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to discuss Switchback VR without mentioning some of its flaws. Graphically, it’s not the best-looking VR game out there, and this does limit just how scary it manages to be. Furthermore, there are occasional glitches that many gamers have noted online. Supermassive Games has responded to the complaints, though, for players with a low tolerance for imperfections, it may not be the best title to spend time on in its current state.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2

The Walking Dead made a splash in the virtual reality realm with the release of Saint & Sinners in 2020 on many headsets, including on the PSVR. The sequel launched in late 2022, and it has finally been released on the PSVR 2. For gamers looking for an action-packed, immersive experience that forces players to make use of every aspect of their surroundings to survive, Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2 is not to be missed.

psvr 2
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Much like its predecessor, Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2 features violent gameplay that pits players against the undead. Defeating them involves the gory process of “braining” which can be done using various objects, including a chainsaw. When players aren’t keen on getting up close with the marauding monsters, they can also switch to firearms, though ammo is often scarce in the apocalypse. Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2 certainly has its fair share of terrifying moments, but it excels with its fast-paced action that seldom gives players a chance to take a breather.

Resident Evil Village provides a suspenseful atmosphere that makes it a unique VR title, though Saints & Sinners Chapter 2 is one of the few titles that manages to give it a run for its money in terms of action-packed gameplay. Weapons such as screwdrivers and cleavers are available, making it gorier than Village, and the environments are far more interactable, resulting in a more satisfyingly immersive experience.

Jurassic World Afterworld Collection

The Jurassic World Aftermath Collection is a title that is very easy to miss. Licensed video games don’t have the best reputation, and the game’s cel-shaded visuals aren’t too impressive. Nevertheless, those who are brave enough to take the plunge will quickly find that the Jurassic World Aftermath Collection is one of the best VR titles available on Sony’s headset, and it provides a more than satisfactory survival horror experience with tons of exploration and, of course, plenty of awesome dinosaurs.

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The gameplay mainly consists of exploration and stealth, and players sneak around to avoid raptors and other toothed terrors. It isn’t particularly complicated, and while there are tense moments, it’s never too overwhelming, making it the easiest game on the list to digest. In some ways, it seems to contain the best parts of all the other games, as it has Resident Evil Village‘s stealth elements, Saints & Sinners- Chapter 2‘s interactable environments, and Switchback VR‘s heart-stopping jump scares.

Although the PSVR 2 is still in its early days, the headset is already demonstrating just how capable it is when it comes to immersing players in new worlds. Several more horror games are lined up, such as Resident Evil 4 Remake which has already been breaking Steam records. Capcom has confirmed that the stunning reimagining of the classic horror game will be receiving a VR mode. For players who can’t handle the scares, there are plenty of laidback titles including Tetris Effect which impresses with its psychedelic visual effects, and Before Your Eyes which tells an emotional story through its unique use of the headset’s eye tracking.

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