The Top 10 ways to die in video games

Those crazy people over at ScrewAttack are up to their old antics again, this time by putting out a top 10 list, entitled “Top 10 Ways To Die”. The video is pretty funny and well put together, and overall, it reminds me of watching an episode of Filter, but sans the oh so sexy Diane Mizota and irritating amount of ads. Normally I can’t stand watching top 10 shows because they take forever to get to the point. Screw Attack, on the other hand, manages to keep my interest with the whole video.Now, I don’t quite agree with some of their choices, and yeah, the video’s a bit amateur and doesn’t quite stick to the premise, but if they work on developing a more well thought out script for this, they’d be at the top of the heap, since I feel they’ve already got humor down pretty well. I’d love to see more top 10 lists from these guys, and you can check out the rest of their work on Screw Attack’s website.

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