The Texas Chain Saw Massacre launches in 2023 with Game Pass support

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre screenshot

Here’s a fresh look at the 3v4 gameplay

The horror-movie-turned-asymmetric-multiplayer-game trend isn’t slowing down, and I’m curious to see how Gun Interactive will pull off its killers-versus-survivors setup in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The 2023 video game is coming into more gruesome focus today with a highly choreographed, albeit mood-setting, new gameplay trailer.

They aren’t kidding around with that “Unrated” notice.

Last month, the developers dove into three of the game’s maps — the Family House, Gas Station, and Slaughterhouse — with overhead previews and descriptions.

“The Family will need to keep their eyes and ears open and depend on all of the tools at their disposal, including teamwork, to search out and discover where the Victims are before they are able to escape the Family’s clutches,” noted Gun Interactive communications director Daniel Nixon. “We’ve said before that Victims should be silent, shut off the lights, and stick to the shadows. These are the core concepts to strive for, though there are times that players can’t, or won’t, be able to follow these guidelines.”

Beyond the trailer, we can also glean a bit more about The Texas Chain Saw Massacre‘s hide-seek-and-run 3v4 gameplay from new screenshots. Check out those skies.

Hiding behind a car in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Don't mind the chainsaw-wielding maniac

Ducking under cover

Leatherface in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (2023)

While Gun is known for its work on Friday the 13th: The Game, CEO Wes Keltner has explained that they “never want to make the same game twice,” adding that “you either innovate or imitate, and I don’t have to tell you which one makes for a better game.”

PS4 and Xbox One versions confirmed

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in 2023, including PC and Xbox Game Pass support. A wide platform spread and easy no-brainer access for subscribers seems crucial, as this game will live and die by its audience.

According to executive producer Ismael Vicens, Sumo Nottingham will bring the game to PS4 and Xbox One “in a way that preserves the gameplay and visual tone of the title while giving players what they have been asking for.” I hope the passion pays off.

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