The Tecmo drama continues: differing contracts are presented as evidence

Lawsuits, mass departures, gag orders — Tecmo’s got issues in spades these days. It seems that this lawsuit between Itagaki and Tecmo is only going to get dirtier, if this morning’s news is to indicate the direction things are going in. Yesterday, Itagaki’s lawyer apparently submitted into evidence a contract stating that Itagaki was owed a completion bonus for Dead or Alive 4. Tecmo supported an identical-looking contract — except it stated the opposite information: that Tecmo does not own Itagaki a red cent.

Someone lying here? It’s looking that way. Things are reflecting pretty poorly on Tecmo at this point, but I suppose they could claim that they’re being framed … by their entire company. The whole not paying overtime business is bad enough, but to purposefully create a false contract and present it in a court of law? That crosses the line from shady into downright villainous.

Will you ever buy a Tecmo product again? I’m starting to think I might pass. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but if all these claims turn out to be true, I wouldn’t want to give them my money. What say you?

[Via Kotaku — Thanks, Joe]

Colette Bennett