The Switch Lite is getting an official cover accessory

Do it yourself clam shell

Over the past few weeks, I’ve ended up using my Switch Lite quite a bit.

Whether it’s loading it up with indies that I don’t have on my regular Switch or a few AAA games and transferring saves between them, I really adore the portability and lightweight design of the Lite (it’s also my in-bed “just a few matches before sleep” Overwatch machine). Nintendo is making that design a bit more multifaceted soon, provided you have the cash for the add-on component.

Yep, it’s an official Switch Lite flip cover, which is going on sale on December 8 alongside of a screen protector. According to the publisher it’s being sold “exclusively online” on Nintendo’s website and “select retail websites,” and will run you $39.99. Don’t expect it to be a Christmas gift: it goes on sale in December, but actually arrives in “early 2020.”

Like most Nintendo hardware that has a super-limited purchasing arrangement, it’ll likely be a collector’s relic sometime in 2021. If I do end up getting one, after my time with the Switch Lite is done years from now it’ll go next to the Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader/Writer Accessory.

Nintendo Switch Lite Flip Cover [Nintendo]

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