The Switch is getting its second BlazBlue game in Central Fiction

No window yet

BlazBlue: Central Fiction closed out the franchise’s main Ragna arc back in 2015 in Japanese arcades, a year later on PS3 and PS4, and in 2017 on PC, and now it’s back…in Switch form! That’s at least one port every year, not a bad ratio.

Arc System Works announced the port live at TGS by way of a single screen, so we don’t really know any details like launch windows or anything: but it’s coming. Just know that it’s the last BlazBlue game, and a massive undertaking for Arc System Works given the 36-fighter roster that basically left no stone unturned in taking into account its near-decade long history (at the time).

The Switch also got BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle earlier this year, and is set to host Dragon Ball FighterZ very soon. Arc is ramping up its Nintendo efforts, but all I want to know is: when are we getting Hard Corps on Switch?

Arc System Works [Twitter via Kamone1006]

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