The Switch hits over 40 million sold worldwide: What will its lifetime sales be?

85 million-ish?

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As the PS4 surpasses the Wii and the original PlayStation with over 100 million units sold (with a 2013 head start), the Nintendo Switch, which launched in 2017, has hit 41.67 million units sold worldwide.

The new figure comes courtesy of Nintendo’s latest third quarter consolidated financial highlights report, which notes the number and gives us an idea of just how much the Switch Lite pushed in the three week period it was out until the end of said quarter: 1.85 million units worldwide in less than two weeks, compared to the 2.85 million regular Switches sold in that same full quarter.

While the Switch Lite isn’t a huge hit in some regions with low sales figures, it seems like the little cousin is a decent enough boost already; and will continue to flex during the holiday season when parents have a choice between a cheaper console and a more expensive option. Nintendo also reports that Super Mario Maker 2 sold 3.93 million, Fire: Emblem Three Houses sold 2.29 million and Zelda: Link’s Awakening already sold 3.13 million right up against the third quarter cutoff (this makes it the 11th “million seller” on Switch). The 3DS sold 0.37 million units during this same quarter, in case you were curious about how it was doing.

Not bad on the Switch front! As I said, the holidays should be kind to the Switch.

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