The Switch finally has an arcade stick with 8bitdo’s new controllers

Now Street Fighter will suck less

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Not content with simply making the best third party controller for the Nintendo Switch (and other systems), 8bitdo has announced a few new products to aide gamers in their quest for an actual d-pad on Nintendo’s portable console.

Along with revamped versions of their SNES style pads comes a fucking rad looking arcade stick and a pair of Bluetooth speakers (with optional aux input) fashioned with Nintendo d-pads on them.

Along with the retro aesthetic, these newer pads will have support for USB-C, force feedback (rumble) and even motion controls! Now you really won’t need a Switch Pro Controller for Breath of the Wild, which is just awesome.

The thing I immediately noticed, though, is that those SNES/SFC pads now have discrete Home and Capture buttons on them. That should make utilizing the Switch’s extra features a little easier than the previous pads. The triggers also look remarkably better, so that is sure to be a big plus for games that actually utilize ZL and ZR.

These new pads will be arriving for Holiday 2017, just in time for Super Mario Odyssey. Hori also has an arcade stick in the works.

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