The Super Smash Bros. Brawl intro movie leaked

Word of warning, there are some spoilers here so you might want to skip this entirely. Otherwise, check out the introduction cinematic from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The game comes out this week in Japan and early March here in the States.
I have some more to say about the spoilers, but you’ll have to hit the jump for that.

Ness we know is already confirmed for Brawl thanks to that Sticker mix up. The video shows Ness in action and also reveals that Marth is back in Brawl too. He’s seen fighting along side Meta Knight and Ike a couple of times. Some of the levels and movies from the Adventure mode are briefly shown as well throughout the video.

If you’re sick of Super Smash Bros. news by now (like Nick Chester is), then you might as well turn off the Internet. Once Brawl is out in Japan, a sea of information will be leaked out and everyone will be gushing over it until it’s finally out here in March … FALCON PUNCH!

[Thanks, Chrocket Cervantes. Also, Genki-JAM has some nice high quality pictures on his C-Blog from the trailer.]

Hamza Aziz