The Super Mario RPG remake will let you swap back to the OG soundtrack

Music to my ears.

Super Mario RPG Geno

After the Japanese Nintendo Direct, Nintendo updated the webpage for the Super Mario RPG remake. A few new details were revealed, including the fact that you can swap the soundtrack between the remastered and Super Nintendo versions.

There are few game soundtracks that are as indelibly etched on the caverns of my ears as the one for Super Mario RPG. It’s a bizarre and unique mix that sounds nothing like Koji Kondo’s more iconic tunes from previous Mario games. However, from the bouncing sounds of “Beware the Forest’s Mushrooms” to the walking basslines of “And My Name’s Booster,” it’s packed full of top-shelf tracks.

Super Mario RPG BGM menu
Image via Nintendo

The soundtrack was put together by Yoko Shimomura, who is one of the most prolific composers in the industry. She made contributions to soundtracks like Final Fight and Street Fighter II, then continued on through Parasite Eve, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XV, and so many others. Personally, I’d argue that Super Mario RPG was her best, but that’s not an easy choice.

It’s important to note that Shimomura is returning to remix the soundtrack in the remake. From what we’ve heard, it sounds fantastic. I’ve heard the original version enough over the years that I’m ready to hear it in a new way, but if you’re someone who doesn’t jive with newer instrumentals, this will certainly bring relief.

Also noted on the site is the addition of an easier “Enjoy Mode” and a bestiary to look up information on all the monsters you fight.

The Super Mario RPG remake releases on Switch November 17, 2023.

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