The Suikoden Revival Movement is likely fighting a losing battle with Konami

A new campaign starts today

My God, Konami has a treasure trove of amazing classics. I’m sitting here thinking of some off the top of my head — Silent Hill, Bucky O’Hare, Turtles in Time, Sunset Riders, and of course, Suikoden. But with their head in the pachinko clouds, all seems to be lost in terms of re-releases and any actual effort being put forth in their games department. Unless the Suikoden Revival Movement has anything to say about it.

Starting today, folks have taken to social channels to let Konami know that the Suikoden games should be brought to Steam. It’s a “24-hour bombarding,” in their words, to attempt to bring awareness to the series, for both old and new fans.

Given how great this franchises is it’s a noble cause, and one I support, but I fear that it will fall upon deaf ears. I’ll always have my memories of Konami, I guess.

Suikoden Revival Movement [Facebook]

Chris Carter
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