The studio behind Rust has a new turn-based tactics game called Clatter

Releasing real soon on Steam

The good people of Facepunch Studios are about to let their cutesy robotic turn-based tactics game Clatter out into the world. Some robots breathe fire, others bombard from afar, and when all else fails, there’s nothing a well-timed rocket can’t fix. It’s all about putting together a cohesive squad.

The most alluring part is briefly shown in the video. Along with the usual multiplayer skirmishes against other humans that’ll have me rethinking my not-so-brilliant strategies, Clatter has a single-player career with management aspects. You’ll be tasked with assembling killer robo teams in a seasonal league format. As the Steam summary puts it, “Build your team from the ground up: buy and sell units, mod their stats, and grab sponsorships as you strive to take your team from chumps to champs.”

Clatter reminds me that Into the Breach came out this year and I never mopped up all of the individual squad challenges. If you’re in the mood for excellent tactical gaming right this minute, don’t miss it.

Facepunch hasn’t shared a precise launch date, but Clatter will be out on Steam in December.

Jordan Devore
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