The Street Fighter X G.I. Joe comic hits stores today

The Bison Dolls cozy up to Cobra

IDW Publishing has been teasing the Street Figher X G.I. Joe series for a while, but today is the day it finally hits comic stores across the country. It’s a crossover that will span six issues, and pits characters from both universes against another. The setup basically involves Bison inviting various warriors to the World Warrior Tournament, a la Mortal Kombat, and chaos then ensues. Matchups in the inaugural storyline include C. Viper vs. Snake Eyes, Baroness vs. Rufus, Roadblock vs. Hakan, and Ryu vs. Jinx.

I had a chance to check it out for myself, and found it to be a fun little weekend read. The dialogue isn’t riveting, but as an action comic it succeeds with some flashy artwork, and the gimmick of having multiple villains embroiled in the plotline keeps things interesting and quasi-unpredictable. Clocking in at six installments, it’s not going to require a whole lot of effort to follow either.

The first issue will launch with a number of alt covers, which will cover a spectrum of art styles, from the 8-bit to the classic G.I. Joe toyline.

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