The Street Fighter V beta is pooping itself at the moment

It kicked off 30 minutes ago

Well, I was going to hop on the Street Fighter V beta to whip up some impressions, but it looks like the servers are getting absolutely slammed — this is why they call it a beta! It kicked off at approximately 9PM EST tonight, and was supposed to feature Ryu, Bison, Chun-Li, and Nash (Cammy and Birdie are coming Saturday). Instead, thousands of players, myself included, are greeted with the “press any button” title screen, coupled with server errors.

Stay tuned for some thoughts once I can get the beta working — but if you were planning on getting off a late shift early or something to try it out, just wait until tomorrow. Also note that maintenance will happen daily from 11AM until 1PM Pacific, and the server status can be found here. Additionally, the Street Fighter Twitter account is providing updates.

Chris Carter
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