The Steve and Alex Smash Ultimate amiibo are out now in the US

Steve and Alex amiibo

It’s a two-pack in the US

After a lengthy overseas pre-order period, the Steve and Alex amiibo are finally out in the US. They were released on September 9, and are available throughout the country in various retailers. As of now, they’re also available on the official My Nintendo Store (again, as a two-pack).

The figures themselves are true to the Minecraft series, but are less detailed (by design) compared to some of the more premium figures that have been released recently: like the carefully-crafted Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak line.

If you need to check with your retailer, here are the details for the two-pack:

  • SKU – 115856
  • UPC – 00045496893910

So what’s next for amiibo in 2022 and beyond?

After Steve and Alex, we have the Splatoon 3 amiibo trio confirmed for “holiday” of this year, with three figures in tow:

  • Octoling (Blue)
  • Inkling (Yellow)
  • Smallfry

Beyond that, Sephiroth is next up for the Smash wave, followed by Pyra/Mythra, then Kazuya, then (presumably) Sora. Once Sora potentially hits, the Smash Ultimate line will be fully complete, ending a journey that began in November of 2014.

Of course, it’s going to take a while for that to happen: at least until 2023, given the timeline between announcements and release for these figures. If you need a list to bookmark, we’ve been keeping track since everything started!

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