The Steam Halloween Sale has lots of cheap games that still hold up in 2020

There are deals on newer games like World of Horror and Phasmophobia along with plenty of unnerving oldies

Horror games are some of my absolute favorites to revisit, so when I see Halloween sales pop up, that’s immediately where my mind goes: “look at all these scary games I could totally be replaying right now.” There’s something about re-facing my fears and knowing what lies ahead that I find so satisfying.

The 2020 Steam Halloween Sale began today, and while there are deals on newer releases – I suspect plenty of people will nab Phasmophobia while it’s 10% off – the bulk of the sale concerns older games.

I could point to The Forest ($8.99), Darkest Dungeon ($6.24), Little Nightmares ($3.99), Dead Space ($4.99), Outlast ($2.99), Grim Dawn ($6.24), SOMA ($2.99), or Amnesia: The Dark Descent ($1.99).

In terms of newer stuff, I have just one suggestion: the Junji Ito-inspired adventure RPG World of Horror ($13.04). I know, I know. It’s still coming along in Early Access. But it’s a morbid delight, and the mood is right. If you’re looking for something less outright scary and more sinister, this is my chiller of choice.

The Steam Halloween Sale is running until November 2 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific. Take a nervous peek.

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