The Spirit and the Mouse is a wholesome narrative adventure coming this fall

The Spirit and the Mouse

Little mouse, big adventures

The Spirit and the Mouse is an upcoming narrative puzzle platformer from Alblune Games, an indie team made up of two developers, Lucie Lescuyer and Alex Strook. Players will take on the role of a mouse named Lila who lives in a quaint French village, making friends with little electric spirit friends and helping out the local townspeople.

The game’s trailer shows off the cozy setting, some of the characters that we’ll meet, and of course, some gameplay segments of Lila running along rooftops and using electricity powers. The Spirit and the Mouse looks like one of those games that gives you plenty to do, but lets you go at your own pace and chill out, which is a perfect combination in my eyes.

I’ll be interested to see what kind of narrative they have going on too, because we didn’t get to see a lot of that from the trailer, but I have a feeling it’s going to make me feel all warm and fuzzy (and not just because of the electricity). Another highlight from the trailer for me is definitely the music — I love an upbeat, jazzy score, so this might turn out to be one of those game soundtracks I have on a loop for a while.

I also never would have guessed just from looking at it that The Spirit and the Mouse was made by only two people. It looks great and well-polished — we’ll have to see what it’s like in practice when it comes out later this year. Alblune promises a wholesome, heartwarming experience with this one, and based on vibes alone, The Spirit and the Mouse feels like it might be in the same vein as the highly-anticipated Stray. Either way, we’re always in need of more uplifting games out there.

The Spirit and the Mouse is set to electrify us sometime in 2022 on PC and Nintendo Switch, and a demo is available to play right now on Steam.

Noelle Warner