The Special Effect charity: The future of gaming

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[Editor’s Note: Despite how hard cameraman and tech guy Roy Malcomber tried, we had several technology fails. Apologies for the sound quality and the delay in posting.]

A lot of videogame charities exist, but I have never seen anything quite like the UK-based charity Special Effect. Special Effect works with gaming companies and technology experts to bring gaming to all people, young and old, who can’t enjoy mainstream gaming due to a disability.

Special Effect joins families in finding games that their children or loved ones can play, or help adapt the ones they can’t. At Eurogamer Expo 2010, they showed not only custom-built controllers, but how they can help those with almost full-body paralysis to play games. In the video, I chat with a representative of Special Effect as he demonstrates a racing game controlled by eye movement alone with surprising accuracy!

I was really blown away by what Special Effect does and how they achieve it; the technology is mind-blowing and their kindness and dedication towards bringing gaming to everyone even made me speechless (and a little choked up). The technology they have shown us can cost tens of thousands of pounds, and the charity covers all costs to the families. I ask you to please visit their website and show them some love.

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