The Sonic movie will be available digitally by the end of March

Faster than expected

What to do when you want to go fast, but can’t actually go anywhere? Homebound quarantinees can kill a few hours with one of the most successful video game movies ever.

Paramount Pictures has, ahem, accelerated the digital release of Sonic the Hedgehog. Six weeks after it debuted in movie theaters on Valentine’s Day, Sonic will be available to buy digitally on March 31. It’ll cost $20.

This quick transition out of theaters and into homes is an example of Paramount following recent trends in light of the global coronavirus quarantines. Other studios have similarly released their films early, which is both convenient for consumers and savvy for the businesses. No one can go to theaters to watch those movies anyway.

Other versions of Sonic — physical discs and digital rentals — are all slated for May 19.

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