The SOMA ARG’s spilled a new trailer

Those whales are biding their time…

I’ve never understood ARGs. Hidden in a bit of code is a link to a server that an art designer for the game’s mother’s dog once owned. Once you’ve cracked that server in all 17 dimensions you’ll finally get 3 seconds of a heavily distorted trailer. I just don’t get it.

Nevertheless, people have managed to uncover this pretty rad teaser trailer for Frictional Games’ upcoming undersea horror game SOMA. Featuring a lady crying in a creepy sea base and whales, it’s certainly a pretty trailer, if a bit unsubstantial.

It goes a bit further than that, though. According to Reddit, people who have cracked the ARG are winning keys for the game when it releases. It also gives a comprehensive history of the SOMA ARG for those who want to know more.

Joe Parlock