The SNES Mini is perfectly petite, here’s what’s in the box

Two controllers!

We just got the elusive SNES Mini from Nintendo, and surprise, it’s adorable.

This tiny little thing might not have a working cartridge slot or eject button but it’s easy to pick up and throw around — not that you’d want to do that given how rare this thing already is. The retro style manual (which is actually a fold-out poster) is a nice touch too, as is the included HDMI cable. Along with your power adapter that’s all she wrote — and the retail box is tiny as well. All-in the whole enchilada weighs about three pounds.

I can’t stress how nice having two controllers out of the gate is. I went into my local GameStop the morning of the NES Mini’s release (having pre-ordered it), and asked how  many controllers they had — “two,” they replied, and the line was 20 people long. Yeesh!

That’s about all I can say for now! Stay tuned for our review sometime next week.

Chris Carter
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