The Smash DOJO!! recap: Whoa! Stickers are power-ups!

Monday’s DOJO update was for Challenges. Challenge mode gives you hints to what you need to do to unlock trophies and other Brawl goodies. If you get stuck on some really hard challenges though, you can use a hammer to break the glass but you only have so many hammers. Pikmin themed stage, Distant Planet, was Tuesday’s DOJO update. The stage will get rained on frequently which will make things slippery. There are also creatures in the area that can eat you too.

Wednesday brought the return of Sheik to the Brawl. This version of Sheik is based off a version of what Sheik would have been in Twilight Princess had she made the cut. All her moves are the same as before and her Final Smash is called Light Arrow (the same as Zelda’s). Olimar’s Final Smash was revealed on Thursday called End of Day. Olimar summons his space ship which takes him away from the map as wild creatures come and attack whoever is around. Then, to top it all off, Olimar’s ship crash lands onto the stage and explodes.

Today’s update was actually a shocker of sorts. Previously, everyone was to believe that stickers were just for collecting purposes. Now it is revealed that stickers can be used to increase a characters power in the Subspace Emissary adventure. Stickers are placed underneath a characters trophy and every sticker will serve a different purpose to increasing a characters various attributes. Only so many stickers can be placed on a trophy, and once they’ve been taken off, they’re gone for good until you find them again in the adventure mode. This new feature is extremely more detailed at the DOJO so head on over to read up about it.

Also of note is that all the characters now have a little table of their moves appearing next to their profile. And be sure to check out the new ads that premiered earlier this week including the new one above. What did you think of the DOJO this week?

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