The Smash DOJO!! recap: R.O.Bs are evil now!

What a week it has been at the DOJO!! This weeks announcements began on a lighter note with Links special moves set. His new boomerang will be the Gale Boomerang which can slightly pull your enemies towards Link. Link’s spin attack is now chargeable and the Clawshot has also been tweaked to automatically shoot to the closest ledge. The standard Bow and Bombs are still the same. 

Then, from Mondays bland announcement, we get this new video giving us more details of the single player campaign. The Subspace Army is the main enemy lead by Ancient Minister. This armies goal is to plant bombs in the world that are operated by Robotic Operating Buddies (R.O.B.s) and when the bomb explodes, a section of the world gets cut out and thrown into Subspace.

Even bigger news was announced Wednesday when it was revealed that Diddy Kong would be joining the Brawl. It’s great to see Diddy making it, but what about the other DK stars? What about Candy Kong? Or Cranky Kong? Seriously though, the one character I would like to see in the game would be King K. Rool. To have all the hero characters with all their respective arch nemesis’s would be simply epic.  

We got two bits of news Thursday with a little sample of K.K. Sliders song for the Smashville level. Also that day we were shown Yoshi’s Final Smash attack. He grows some wings (like when he stuffs a blue shell into his mouth in Super Mario World) and he can also spit out fireballs (like when he stuffs a red shell into his mouth in SMW!). Sadly, no ground pound attack like when he would stuff a yellow shell in his mouth.

On today’s update, more of the The Subspace Emissary mission was revealed. From the video you saw on Tuesday, you saw that Petey Piranha captured Princess Zelda and Princess Peach. You have to fight Petey and can only save one of the Princesses. Obviously, the story line will have multiple directions and your choices will affect the story line.

Hamza Aziz