The Smash DOJO!! recap: Ness is not coming back to the Brawl

Lots of double updates this week at the DOJO!! The first double update was on Monday and started off with the Fire Emblem stage music. The second update brings us some new video from the campaign. We see Diddy Kong swinging through a forest when he stops near a lake. A Pokemon emerges from the lake and destroys Fox McCloud’s Arwing that looks to have crash landed. The Pokemon grabs Diddy Kong but before it could harm Diddy, Fox emerges from his destroyed Arwing, saves Diddy Kong and takes out the Slowbro (From now on, any Pokemon name I don’t already know will just be called Slowbro — Deal with it).

Tuesday’s update was just a simple update showing off some of the items from the previous installments. The Beam Sword, Fire Flower, Freezie, Home-Run bat, Party Ball, and Super Mushroom are all reconfirmed. Wednesday was another double updated that got started off with the Grab and Throw move. You can grab people and throw them in different directions — very simple kids. The next update of the day brought the new Assist Trophy Gray Fox. He’s from the Metal Gear Solid series and will run up to enemies and slice them as fast as he can. He can also reflect projectiles.

Thursday’s update showed off Lucas’s special moves. I should mention that it seems like Ness won’t be making a return based on how this update was introduced:

There’s a character named Ness who has appeared in the Smash Bros. series up until now, and Lucas is very similar.

Go cry fanboys. Anyway, Lucas seems to be more powerful then Ness was. He can do a PK barrage to the ground, use his rope snake to grab edges, has a stronger PK Fire, and he can freeze opponents with PK Freeze. PK Thunder and PSI Magnet are also in Lucas’s move set too. Today’s update showed off Samus’s stage, Norfair. Like in past games, the lava will rise but it will also come from the side too now. At one point, a giant lava wall will come and the only safe place is an emergency hatch that you can hide in. You can fight people out of it and when it comes time, the hatch doors seals shut keeping whoever is inside of it perfectly safe.

What did you think of the Dojo this week? 

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