The Smash DOJO!! recap: Ike makes it to the Brawl … who?

Sir Sterling already informed you of the exciting news from the DOJO today. To sum it up, we’re being promised an interesting and exciting single player mode. With that news today, the DOJO also released this latest video continuing off the video that was released during E3. 

Other big news this week was the announcement of a brand new character to Brawl. His name is Ike and he comes from the Fire Emblem universe. Ike’s stage was also revealed this week. The interesting thing about this level is that it’ll have three parts to it. You’ll fight on top of the castle first, then you’ll fall into the insides of the castle, and finally, you’ll end up in underground area of the castle. Oddly though, it wasn’t revealed what this part of the level looks like yet.  

Earlier in the week, Donkey Kong’s Final Smash attack was revealed. Don’t get too excited about it though. He uses the Bongos as his Final Smash attack. At least he can’t get hurt during it. Last bit of news to share is the new item, Pitfall. It comes from Animal Crossing and it’ll make your opponents get stuck in the ground for a few seconds.   

That’s all the news from the DOJO, but that’s not all the news about Smash Bros Brawl this week! It’s still up to Sakurai and the team to give the final say, but thanks to Eiji Aonuma’s slip of the tongue, we do know that Sheik and Ganondorf went through the design process for Brawl.

Hamza Aziz