The Sims 4 goes green with the next Eco Lifestyle pack

Out on June 5

The Sims 4 is a beast of a simulator that keeps on trucking.

While Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing reign supreme in a lot of households, Sims 4 is a constant presence, pumping out DLC packs every so often: most recently, Discover University (school), Realm of Magic (duh) and Island Living (also self-explanatory). The next expansion is called Eco Lifestyle, and will drop on June 5 for $39.99.

Arriving on all platforms (PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One) simultaneously, the idea is to add more sustainable lifestyle options to Sims 4. That includes alternative energy, neighborhood co-op gardens and new furniture. You’ll also get to partake in a new micro-storyline that involves transforming your neighborhood into a sustainable patch of land.

The new zone is Evergreen Harbor, which also allows dumpster diving, a community voting system, a career in civil design and neighborhood action plans. In other words it’s one of the big expansion packs that should add hours of new stuff to do, instead of one of the smaller cosmetic drops.

You can also make a career out of producing “fizzy juices,” which sounds like a potential dream job. I’m not quite as in on this as I was with the idea of magic, serene island life and going back to school, but it sounds pretty expansive and unique.

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