The Simpsons’ new season opener pays homage to Zelda

Yes Simpsons is still on

In a bizarre turn of events, I’m writing about new Simpsons in 2017.

You know, that once-great show that ended after Season 9? Some say that it actually continued past then, and into Season 29, which supposedly premiered this week. In that debut, “The Serfsons,” the episode takes a decidedly Treehouse of Horror-esque turn (even though it’s not actually a Treehouse joint) and plops the dysfunctional family into a fantasy setting, aping works from Game of Thrones, to Lord of the Rings, to Narnia, to Zelda.

It’s a short window, but after visiting Dr. Hibbert’s apothecary there’s a clear trio of potions (health, magic, mixture) that pay homage to Link’s iconic item set. You uh, probably don’t need to watch the rest of the episode (I did just because I had already put some time in finding a screen cap).

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