The Simpsons Game demo hits XBLA

According to Major Nelson’s blog (which lives and breathes on its own, and will someday take over the world) is reporting that a demo for Electronic Arts’ The Simpsons Game has hit Xbox Live. This appears to be the same demo that hit the PlayStation Network last week, and weighs in at 442.71 MB.

Last week, I spent a bit of time with the PlayStation 3 demo, which gives you control of both Bart and the ever-so-lovable Homer. You can switch between the two on the fly, and you use each of their unique abilities to try to best the Lard Lad statue, which has come to life and is wreaking havok upon Springfield. 

While I can’t say I necessarily had fun (and I’m reserving judgment for after I’ve played more of the game), I was impressed by how well the game nailed the show’s trademark humor. Even more impressive, was the fact that there seemed to be quite a bit of voice work packed into the demo; I rarely heard the same thing twice. 

The Simpsons Game comes to the Xbox 360 October 30.

Nick Chester