The Silver Lining is here, play it now

We told you about the fact that Activision had actually greenlit The Silver Lining, a fan-made King’s Quest game, a few weeks ago. We told you the first chapter was coming out this weekend for free. When we told you that it was free many of you had trouble believing that Activision would not try to make money off of the game, and maybe you doubted the validity of the story. Well, today proves the story correct as you can now download the first chapter of the game over at the game’s webiste.

The release of the game also came with that trailer up above and the screenshots below. That’s one cheesy song in that trailer, but I think we can cut them a bit of slack since they’ve been working on the game forever. My download is going on right now and I’m all revved up to dive back into the world of King’s Quest.

Tell us what you think once you get a chance to dig in.

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