This ultra compact gaming keyboard gives you everything you need, and nothing you don’t

The Shrimp: Because smaller size matters, too

Mechanical keyboards are a staple of gaming these days — their tactility, durability, and customizability are perfectly suited for all of our gaming and aesthetic purposes. I personally prefer controllers, so I avoid gaming on a keyboard when I can, but as a writer, having a clicky-clacky keyboard scratches an itch in my brain that nothing else can. I love a full mechanical keyboard given the writing thing, but for gaming purposes, the left side is really all you need. If you find yourself lamenting the purchase of a full-sized keyboard to only use a third of it, Nordic Game Supply might just have the solution you’re looking for. Enter The Shrimp keyboard, an “ultra compact mechanical keyboard” that only has 25 keys, which only includes the essentials you need for getting that dub.

I guess you could use it for writing too, assuming you’re only writing words like “dwarves” or “wafers.” Of course, The Shrimp also has Gateron G Pro mechanical switches, RGB illumination, multimedia controls, a magnetic wrist rest, and “cool gadgety knobs,” among other things. It comes in four colors, and is also compatible with PS4 and PS5 consoles.

You may find yourself asking: “why exactly does this thing exist?”

Honestly, the question crossed my mind when I first saw The Shrimp keyboard, too. Nordic Game Supply does give some suggestions, though, which actually make a lot of sense. For example, a lot of people have gaming laptops that don’t have the best keyboard, so they need to bring a whole separate one along just to be able to play the games they want. Having a little tiny keyboard to tuck away in your bag seems like a much better option.

Another reason why The Shrimp might be a good choice is its ergonomics — instead of having to shift an entire big keyboard around just to get comfortable, this compact version will save space and some tension in your shoulders. It’s one of those things that’s probably not for everyone, but if you do find a use for it, it’ll be a lifesaver.

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