The Shmup Collection hits Nintendo Switch on May 14

Armed Seven DX, Satazius Next, Wolflame

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Shmups (shoot ’em ups) might be niche, but they will never die.

There is an endless well of classics to draw upon, and at this point you could probably have a whole console dedicated to Cave shooters. Case in point: a new tri-game collection is coming to the Nintendo Switch this month.

Simply titled Shmup Collection (by Astro Port), the package includes Armed Seven DX (released on PC in 2015 and in the Dreamcast aftermarket), Satazius Next (PC in 2011 as well as Dreamcast) and Wolflame (2016 on PC). The former two are horizontal shmups and the latter is vertical. 

Shmup Collection will arrive on Switch on May 14, according to a Nintendo eShop listing. This is another entry in a long line of collections for the Switch, which is becoming a shmup machine.

If you want to see all three aforementioned games in action, you can watch the trailer below from Pixelheart.

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