The Shadow of His Wings quest guide: WoW Dragonflight

The Shadow of His Wings quest guide WoW Dragonflight

It’s a very short series of quests in The Waking Shores

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It’s a little too early to judge, but The Waking Shores has become one of my favorite expansion starting zones in recent memory. In WoW Dragonflight, you’re giving the ability to fly very early into the new storyline, and although it has some limitations, it makes exploration a lot more fun.

Here’s how to find and complete the Shadow of His Wings questline in that very area.

Step 1: Start the questline at The Waking Shores, with the NPC Ingot

You won’t be introduced to this questline automatically, so you’ll need to seek it out yourself.

Fly over to the northwest portion of the map, until you get to the area in the image above. You’ll find an NPC named Ingot there, discussing an important matter with a Worldbreaker Escapee. Talk to Ingot to kick off the questline.

Step 2: Complete the quests A Cultist’s Misgivings, Punching Up, and Under Lock and Key

Ingot will provide you with A Cultist’s Misgivings and Punching Up. Here’s how to finish both.

  • Cultist’s Misgivings: Drop down and speak to Ayasanth in the west, who is locked up in a cage (they’ll give you Under Lock and Key)
  • Under Lock and Key: Kill Worldbreaker Guards until you find a key, then unlock Ayasanth’s cell door (guard character models can be found in the gallery directly above)
  • Punching Up: Kill 12 Worldbreaker Dragonkin in that same area: these are normal mobs that are littered about the zone, and look like walking dragons

If you pick up Under Lock and Key first, you can complete it alongside of Punching Up.

Step 3: Finish the questline with The Shadow of His Wings, and earn progress toward the Waking Shores area achievement

After turning in all of the above quests, you’re ready to face the final challenge: Cygenoth.

Turn around from the turn-in point and go into the cave in the gallery above. Once Ayansanth slowly follows you and is in place to confront Cygenoth, the battle will begin. Cygenoth is a fairly easy elite fight: just silence or interrupt their mind flay cast. If you touch the artifact in the cave directly on the right after descending to the ground floor (circled in the gallery above), you’ll get a buff: your max health is reduced by 10%, while all stats will be increased by 5%.

After Cygenoth is defeated, the questline will end. You can turn it in with Ayasanth immediately following a short story sequence: you just need to fly back up to the original mountainside that you picked up the questline at in step 1.

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