The second look at Lead & Gold should have been the first

A little while ago, we told you about a new multiplayer shooter based in the Wild West called Lead & Gold. I was a little excited for it, mostly because of the Wild West setting and the unexplained ability to walk around while carrying a barrel. Judging from the comments, not many other people shared my interest as, in all honesty, the trailer wasn’t very well put together and made the game look like the game itself was really poorly put together as well. In fact, it is quite possible that the game is poorly put together, but the newest trailer is not.

Someone over at Fatshark, the game’s developer, realized that a bit of cinematic flair goes a long way when you’re putting together a trailer. That, or they actually hired someone to put this one together instead of doing it themselves. Whether you’re interested in the game or not, this is an interesting look at how a trailer can completely affect your view of a game. If you had seen the above trailer first instead of the original, would your opinion of the game be different?

[Thanks, Anna R.]

Matthew Razak