The Second Annual Destructoid Christmas Album

[Update: The whole album is now available on Bandcamp! Download the whole thing (and get a special bonus track), pick it song by song, or just press play and listen to it in-browser.]

When we put together the Destructoid Christmas Album last year, we never could have predicted how it would turn out. We created it because we thought it would be an amazingly fun thing to do — the Destructoid editors singing Christmas songs! — but we had no idea the thing would end up being filled with all kinds of awesome holiday spirit. I mean, there was just so much goddamn holiday spirit, I think we even brought a snowman to life after recording it.

With so much of that holiday spirit left over from last year, we thought we would do it again!

So, just in time for the holidays, we present to you The Second Annual Destructoid Christmas Album.

This one is bigger, badder, and merrier than ever before!

Click here to listen, or check it out here on Bandcamp. The track list and links for individual songs lie below. HAPPY HOLIDAYS, EVERYONE! We love you all more than words.

0:00 – What’s This? – Chad Concelmo
2:16 – White Christmas – Dale North
4:45 – Christmas in Hollis – Tony Ponce & Jonathan Holmes
7:47 – The Christmas Song – Samit Sarkar
10:07 – The Little Match Girl – Conrad Zimmerman
14:39 – Mommy’s Not Moving – Jim Sterling (featuring Rihanna Jonathan Holmes)
17:40 – Merry Christmas, Darling – Jesse Cortez
20:45 – Christmas Time is HereJonathan Holmes
22:11 – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Dale North
25:16 – Kwanzaa Chameleon – Max Scoville

Thanks for listening to everyone! Like a great man once said, be good to yourselves, and each other.

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