The Scarface game isn’t actually that bad

Obligatory movie quote.

It’s been like two weeks since it came out, so this may be a moot point by now. But just in case it isn’t, you should probably know that Scarface: The World is Yours is actually pretty damn fun.It’s got the best aiming system of any GTA-genre game, the guy who does Tony Montana’s voice is really good, and the game actually measures points by calling it a “balls meter”.If you ever played Vice City and you remember the portion of the game where Tommy had to buy a bunch of businesses and use the profits to buy other businesses, then Scarface will be familiar to you. Just expand that part of VC to the length of an entire game, prevent the player from killing civilians (if you try, Tony lowers his gun and tells the player “that’s against my code” or something similar), and add a lot more swearing, and you’ve got Scarface.The missions can get pretty repetitive, though, and the game is pretty short overall. Still, the game manages to actually require some financial strategy, and you actually get the feeling of building an empire instead of just doing random missions. It’s one of the better entries in the “GTA Ripoff” series of games.

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