The Saboteur welcomes you to Belle de Nuit

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The Saboteur is going to make World War II games a little different. It’s not an FPS, for one thing, nor does it simply place you in famous battles and say, “Shoot the Nazis.” You instead take on the role of a bitter Irish race car driver who is tasked with sabotaging Nazi operations in occupied Paris. As if that wasn’t good enough, the game is also going to throw in some Parisian sexiness as well.

These new screens and video show off the Belle de Nuit, a house of ill repute that main character Sean Devlin will be visiting. As you can see it’s every bit a classic bordello, which you simply don’t get enough of in videogames these days. 

The Saboteur is really starting to look like it could inject WWII games with a shot of adrenaline, something the genre sorely needs. I’m really looking forward to seeing what else Pandemic pulls out of the box for this one. In the meantime, hit the link for the new video.

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