The Rock Band killer?: First Guitar Hero 4 details emerge

Say what you will about Game Informer and the pushy GameStop clerks that keep trying to get you to subscribe to it; the magazine gets the scoop on the games you want to hear about. This time, it’s Guitar Hero 4, and the first details look mighty impressive, if not a bit familiar.

As previously hinted at by Activision, Guitar Hero 4 will see the introduction of multiple instruments — drums, bass, vocals, and guitars. Where have we seen that before? But Activision are bringing the feature you’ve probably wanted since the series was first introduced — the ability to create your own tracks.

Although these created tracks will not include vocals due to storage and copyright issues, the created songs can be named and then shared with other users online. At first, you’ll be limited to uploading five songs, but if other users give your songs high ratings, you’ll be able to upload more. Art can be created for songs as well, and guitars and drums can also be customized and created. 

But if you’re not interested in creating your own tracks, Activision are promising that all of the songs that will ship on the disc will be master tracks. And although they were wary of giving too much away, they confirm with Game Informer that Van Halen, the Eagles, Linkin Park, and Sublime will all have songs in the game.

[NeoGAF via power-glove’s c-blog]

Nick Chester