The Resident Evil 7 demo is now on Xbox One

Be sure to unlock the Dirty Coin for the full game

Even if you aren’t all that keen on what you’ve seen of Resident Evil 7, Capcom’s Beginning Hour demo is worth experiencing. It’s been locked down on PlayStation 4, but as of today, it’s now also available on Xbox One (and will soon be released on Steam). Queue that sucker up. It’s only a few gigs.

I actually need to give it another go, for a few reasons. My first attempt at the most recent version of the demo ended with a certain something making quick work of me (I only had the axe, so… yeah). I managed several good swings but the on-edge sensation of playing in VR got the better of me.

I’d like to get at least one of the endings, even it’s not the best one. But more importantly, there’s also an item to earn — the mysterious “Dirty Coin” — that can be transferred to the full game. The process is a bit on the finicky side and you’ll probably want to have gone through the demo already so you know the house’s general layout, but here’s a video walkthrough as well as a text-based guide.

Jordan Devore
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