The reimagined Demon’s Souls soundtrack has ‘its own identity’

The visuals weren’t the only thing overhauled for the PS5 remake, and that means trade-offs for purists

In a behind-the-scenes feature for Demon’s Souls, Sony shared a glimpse of the work that has gone into the remake’s soundtrack. If you didn’t know – and to be honest, it hadn’t fully sunk in for me until just now – the PS5 game is brandishing a “reimagined” score with an orchestra, choir, and pipe organ.

Orchestrator Jim Fowler said that Bloodborne informed the “scale of the sound and the combination of choir and orchestra, although it is important to say this score has its own identity and its own sound.”

Like seemingly everything to do with the Demon’s Souls remake, some people are going to be ecstatic about these changes, some are going to prefer the way things were for one reason or another, and many players won’t be bothered by or even really consider the PS3/PS5 side-by-side comparisons.

Arranger Bill Hemstapat said it’s “pretty scary” knowing there are fans who “didn’t know this music was being reworked,” but he believes the “soul of the music that’s in the original game is still there.”

Sony also released a preview of the “Flamelurker” track (I can’t wait for this horrible fiend to mess me up) and announced that the Demon’s Souls soundtrack will have vinyl pre-orders in “early December.”

A digital soundtrack release will be available much sooner: November 26.

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