The real nightmare is that this special edition Bloodborne pack isn’t coming to North America

A hole in my heart that can only be filled with Gothic tchotchkes

European desks are about to get a little more cluttered with the announcement of a special “Nightmare Edition” of Bloodborne. The 119 set comes with a variety of doodads, including a spooky looking quill set and a tin box to store it all in that looks like a set of creepy books. There are some exclusive in-game items as well, such as custom skins for your ghostly “messengers” (which sound analogous to Dark Souls‘s orange soap stone messages between players).

Sadly, a Sony representative confirmed to Destructoid that there are no plans to bring the Nightmare edition to North America, so you’ll have to stop by Hot Topic if you really want a pen set with a little skull on it. I make fun, but I’m jealous.

In brighter news, the Collector’s edition of Bloodborne, which includes the art book and digital soundtrack from the Nightmare edition (but none of the other swag), will be available in North America for our enjoyment, as confirmed earlier this year (although the release date’s changed to March 24). Usually I stay away from pre-order bonuses and special edition nonsense, but I think I’ll make an exception in this case. If the included art book even comes close to the quality of the Dark Souls Design Works art books, it will be well worth bending the knee at my local EB.

Oh well, I guess Europe had to put up with Jack the Ripper and Dracula, so we can let the babies have their bottle on this one.

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Nic Rowen