The Quiet Man receives release date and another dramatic trailer

That brawling mechanic does not look good

Square Enix weird FMV/brawler hybrid The Quiet Man will launch worldwide on November 1 for PS4 and PC. The auteur mystery, first revealed at E3 this year, is expected to price at around ¥1,800, or roughly $15 USD.

The Quiet Man tells the story of a young mob enforcer Dane, who is tasked with tracking down kidnapped nightclub singer Lala, who has been taken by a sinister hooded figure. With the story taking place over a single night, players will guide the protagonist as he walks the streets, dealing with untold shady characters and uncovering the mystery behind Lala’s disappearance.

Blending player-controlled gameplay with live-action sequences, The Quiet Man can be played and completed in a single sitting, which probably goes some way to explaining its low price-point. Clearly a passion project by designer Kensei Fujinaga, it can’t be denied that the gameplay looks less than stellar. Still, time will tell. You can check out a hands-on by our own CJ Andriessen right here.

Chris Moyse
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