The Question: What platform should we review games on?

[Every Friday, Destructoid will pose topical a question to the community. Answer it if you want!]

Before I got a decent PC, telling publishers what kind of review copy I wanted was easy. Increasingly, however, we’ve seen quite a few games optimized for PC, and I can officially run them. A hard choice has started to arise.

Here’s a dilemma in a can for you: Battlefield 3. It’s going to look more gorgeous on PC, and boast 64-player online maps. The Xbox 360 version will look less splendid, with trimmed multiplayer. I think it’s more likely that the game’s going to sell best on the 360, with Xbox Live users not giving a shit about the PC’s benefits. So here’s the sixty dollar question — do I pick my review platform based on optimum experience, or based on the majority consumer experience? 

Do I review a game at its very best, or do I review a game in the state most consumers will play it in? It’s a tough choice, tougher than some of you may think. It’s also difficult to predict. For instance, I thought the PC version of Dungeon Siege III would be the best at first, but it turned out that the controls for PC sucked. Conversely, gamers protest that the PC version of Duke Nukem Forever is superior, but did more people play that or the 360 one? At a guess, I’d say the console version sold best. 

That’s the question this week. Please think long and hard about it, and try not to answer based on whether your like PCs or consoles best. Do you want us to review the best version, or the most played?

James Stephanie Sterling