The public has spoken, winner chosen for Doritos Unlock Xbox contest

Your votes have been tallied and a winner has been announced for the Doritos-sponsored Xbox Live Arcade contest. I wasn’t terribly fond of any of the finalists for this competition a few weeks ago and my stance has yet to change since then.

But regardless of what I and many of you may think, someone out there liked Doritos Dash of Destruction enough for it to win (try it for yourself). Here’s what the game’s creator had to say:

“To have the opportunity to create an Xbox LIVE Arcade game is a gamer’s dream,” said Mike Borland.  “This entire experience has been wonderfully surreal, and I am so grateful to Doritos, Microsoft and everyone who voted for my idea.  Now, I can’t wait to starting working with the experts to fully-develop ‘Doritos Dash of Destruction’!”

If NinjaBee (Cloning Clyde, Outpost Kaloki X, Band of Bugs) can’t make DDoD into a passable Live Arcade game, no one can. Many of us still have a horrible aftertaste from the advergame Yaris, so it’s hard to be optimistic about the whole situation.

Prove us wrong, NinjaBee, prove us wrong.

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