The PS5 comes with 667.2GB of usable space out of the box, pre-installed Astro’s Playroom takes up 10.98GB

You can hit nearly 700GB if you uninstall it

Now that the PS5 embargo has ended, we can finally talk about (most) of the inner workings!

Amid numerous leaks, one of the big questions we’re here to answer is “how much SSD space is available on PS5 by default?” The answer? 667.2GB. By comparison, the Xbox Series X has 802GB of usable SSD space

Astro’s Playroom is a small wrinkle, as it’s pre-installed on every PS5 and takes up an extra 10.98GB of space. If you want to uninstall it don’t fret about losing it; as you can easily redownload it from your library.

Note that at launch, you cannot expand the native SSD space of your PS5. Instead, you can hook up an external drive and transfer games to/from your PS5. Or you can opt to just redownload them if you have a fast connection.

Good luck at launch! Hopefully you won’t be playing storage Tetris.

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