The PS4 Kingdom Hearts collection has a Square Enix store special edition

With a pin!!!…

Disney is the king of marketing. It does make a ton of movies, but what really brings in the cash is how much merchandise it hocks. If you go to any of the Disney parks, you’ll find trinkets for your park bracelet, those stupid penny machine stamp things, popcorn mugs, and numerous pins. These pins are hugely sought after by collectors and I’m sure fans have been driven crazy by Square Enix including officially licensed pins with the collector’s editions of the Kingdom Hearts HD packs.

Well, it looks like fans will have another reason to get ornery: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 HD Remix on PS4 will have an exclusive Square Enix online store collector’s edition. While it doesn’t contain all of the neat doodads from the 2.5 Special Edition on PS3, it does have one of those treasured pins. It is also the most boring of the pins thus far, but DISNEY PINS!

Thankfully, this package doesn’t cost more than the normal version of the game. If you’re already looking to pick that up, I guess you might as well pre-order it from the Square Enix website. If nothing else, you could probably sell that pin for double what you pay for this re-re-release.


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